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How much to record in a day?

Probably the most common question we are asked here is, how many songs should we record in a day.

There are no hard and fast rules that dictate how many songs you can or should record in any session, but generally recording 1 song per day is a great way to ensure that the songs, arrangement, performances and recording is up to a standard that will really do you justice as a band.

It is tempting to squeeze as much material into 1 studio session, but 1 song performed, recorded and mixed really well is much more valuable than 3 songs that have performance or arrangement issues, these problems with a recording make the whole studio session a waste of time and a false economy.

So, when thinking about what to do in the studio next time, try to bear in mind giving the material it deserves, allow each band member enough time to really get into a track, to express their ideas, thoughts and tastes. Allow the band to gel and create great music in a great studio and leave the studio with a track that you are 100% proud of.

If you are proud of your work it is SO much easier to promote it, sell it, play it and share it with everybody out there in the big wide world, the smallest error or fault in any recording will constantly annoy and irritate you, and will eventaully stop you from promoting your music or playing it to anybody.

Now, as I said at the start of this post, there are no rules and some material needs a much longer studio session than other material, so just try to be realistic and allow enough time for your material.

Remember, we are always here to help you plan and prepare for a recording session. If you know what you want to achieve in the studio we will give you honest and frank advice on how much studio time you should be spending on it, our advice is not based on getting the studio booked as much as possible it is solely based upon making sure your music says what it needs to say, so if you would like to go over any details regarding your next recording session, just drop us a line!

Thanks for reading!

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